Inkymole Sarah Coleman, aka Inkymole, is a freelance illustrator and lettering artist working for clients in advertising, design, publishing, and packaging.
I could paint you pictures all day.
soak in doubt
Based in the Midlands, England, she graduated from the University of Central England with a First Class Honours in Illustration with an award for Experimental Typography. Her first job was as a props-maker for the Royal Shakespeare Company, later moving into three-dimensional illustration (a love of which can be seen re-emerging at Write Off The World) before gradually becoming the pen-and-ink, word-heavy work she is best known for today.

Sarah lives with her partner of thirteen years, who is also her right-hand-man in the business and in Factoryroad, a music project.

She collects dolls, records, nibs and ink bottles, rides a bike and bakes a lot of cakes (her chocolate and cocoa bean won a competition once, a fact she is unreasonably proud of).

She has only seen one ghost - the long-dead Pepe - though the eleven-year-old in her still wishes for more first hand spooky stories.

And she has a Myspace, though she is still uncomfortable being 'friends' with people she knows only as 72dpi images.

Clients in the commercial sector include:

J. Walter Thompson (London and NY), Cementworks, Penguin Books, Faber and Faber, The Times, The Observer, Realworld Records, MBA, Joshua G2, Isobel, Harpercollins, Avon Cosmetics, Palmer Hargreaves Wallis Tomlinson, The Design Conspiracy, Random House, Lowe Worldwide, Virgin V2, WWAV Rapp Collins

Sarah Coleman

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Sarah Coleman
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