Sage Francis
Sage Francis Darkness and light, anger and serenity, tragedy and comedy - these extremes are contained in Sage Francis, and they provide the foundation for Human the Death Dance, his best album to date. From the moment its curtains open to their drawing closed, Sage's fourth solo album (and his second for Epitaph) evokes the arc of its maker's lifespan - literally spanning the decades from his first recordings as an eight year-old rapper ... to the stark contemplation of his darkest days. Between those two poles, Sage proves he's not just a rapper, nor just a spoken-word artist - he's the best lyricist of his generation.(Read the rest here)
'Now I strike a match with the back of my front teeth,
and light up the stage with just speech'.
Going Back to Rehab
Like a Biblical swarm of 8pt locusts on paper, Sage's deftness with the English language looks like the biggest bag of chocolates you've ever seen to a girl who spends her days and night with black fingers, tongue out over a page of ink.

Alliteration, the glorious pun, oxymoron, onomatopeia, contranym / acronym, palindrome and homograph - they're all there for the taking, whether simply spoken, or set to the beats of his monstrously talented collaborators.

Sage has released 9 albums and toured the entire hip-hop speaking world. He's currently writing the soundtrack to 'Pride and Glory', starring Ed Norton and Jon Voigt. And running his label, Strange Famous Records. And co-running Knowmore, Corporate Watch Project. And ...

His new album 'Human The Death Dance', featuring the killer creative team of Inkymole, photographer Anthony Saint James, designer Irena Andreic and Drew Speziale, is released on May 8th 2007, followed by a huge US tour. The New York showing of this exhibition has been timed to coincide with this event, and celebrate the creative relationship formed during the making of the artwork.

Sage Francis - Human

Sage's music will be on listening posts at the show.

Sage Francis - Tour 2007
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