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carob bars
Inkymole Mint Carob Bars - mmmmm!
from the New York show
Delicious carob* bars with mint flavour, these little beauties were hand-made for us by a tiny company in Nuneaton about ten minutes from Inykmole HQ, comprising the 3-strong team of Emma, Steve and Barbara. Gluten-free, dairy-free and sugar-free, there's absolutely NO excuse not to buy a couple - the only thing you need to be alerted to is just how bloody delicious they are. See D&D Chocolate's website here

Produced to commemorate the NYC show, they boast a specially-designed wrapper by Inkymole (who makes no secret of her desire to do more drawing for food) and appropriately-chosen soundbites from Sage.
*Carob is a relative of the citrus family, and is commonly used as a chocolate substitute. It has a creamy, warm, chocolatey flavour, but is naturally very sweet, and slightly richer than chocolate. Beats the pants off your Hersheys/Mars/Cadbury stuff. Limited edition.